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There are 3 MAJOR CONCERNS regarding Medical Care for you, your family, your circle of friends, and

Treatment for one or more of these three conditions seems to be very common among all of my patients and the general population of our country.

1. Obesity Treatment - Treatment of obesity starts with comprehensive lifestyle management (diet, physical activity, behavior modification), which should include the following: self-monitoring of caloric intake & physical activity, goal setting, stimulus control, and nonfood rewards.

A medication for obesity treatment may be prescribed. Many of my patients share their concerns with me about medical treatments for conditions that they and their loved ones are confronted with.

2. Opioid Dependency Treatment - Dr. Major may prescribe an appropriate medication (in conjunction with a referral to a psychologist) to patients who are truly committed to treating their opioid dependency.

3. Smoking Cessation - In order to help patients break away from their nicotine dependency, Dr. Major may prescribe a medication that can help during the process.

There is hope for those who really want to treat their obesity issues, overcome their dependency on opioids, or stop smoking. Here at Major Medical Clinic Family Medicine, we help our patients and their caregivers develop a plan for addressing these conditions head-on.

Each individual plan utilizes diagnostics, support, appropriate medications where necessary, and referral to psychologists and other professionals. All of these can help gain the victory for each patient willing to put forth the effort to participate fully in their own treatment.

For more information, go to:

Major Medical Clinic 662-349-6200

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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